Cube Mayhem

Published on by cartoon-games

Are you good at planning things? If so, this game will give you a chance to practice, but if you are not, then it's time to start a lesson. This is a quite simple universe with simple tasks, where you have to deliver the cute to the end spot. The road is pretty complicated and has many directions, so it will be hard to deliver the cube using only arrow keys. Fortunately, there are tools you can use in order to ease the task. There are different kinds of platforms with their own properties and while one can change the direction of the cube without involving a player, the other will teleport it closer to the end spot. The road itself is thin and have a space only for the cube, not more and not less. The reaction you should show should have a huge speed and considering the fact that all four arrow keys must be used, the task becomes complicated. Each level adds something new and special to the game and it becomes even more complicated than before. Why don't you just check it for yourself and see how complicated it could be? Cube Mayhem is a perfect game for people who love to turn on their brains and solve puzzles. Are you exactly that kind of people? Play the game online and feel free to start any level and skip the current one if you don't like it. The game differs from other flash games with its simplicity and complexity at the same time. You see the starting point and the end point from the very beginning, but you can't just deliver the cube from one point to another. Sometimes you can see two platforms without obvious connections and you should use teleport items to deliver the cube on the second one. Also, there are buttons that activate the bridge that leads to the end spot, but reaching it is a challenge every time. How will you act knowing that your resources are limited? Turn your brains on and build the plan on delivering the cube to the end spot and complete the level. Play also math games.
Isn't it exciting, that you can play a simple, but challenging game without spending much time on it? The interface is clear and simple and nothing will ever distract you here. No colored backgrounds, the game play is clear from the start. The only thing you will think about is how you can deliver the cube. So, how many levels you can complete?

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